Till Slip Advertising

This is one of the most beneficial ways of advertising your company or product:

Pro Eminent has the right to sell the advertising space at the back of the Shoprite group, OK and Spar’s till slips.
Please download this informational brochure to learn more about this great opportunity:

10 reasons for the many benefits
of Till Slip Advertising:

  1. Largest advertising distribution of a client’s product,
    services or brand to customers
  2. Cost effective
  3. Shortest lead times
  4. Hard to refuse by customers
  5. Non Invasive
  6. Visibility boost
  7. Bring people back to store / product (in case of coupons/competitions)
  8. Excellent complementary product
  9. Dynamic and flexible
  10. Exposure across the country aimed at the target market.


Use space effectively to:

  • Promote your brand, services or products
  • Use as coupons
  • Run competitions
  • Get customers back in stores
  • Sell more products