Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Any company, big or small, working with confidential data should be secure.
This biometric fingerprint reader from Digital Persona is a world leader in data protection.

If you work with clients’ personal information, 
you owe it to them to protect it!!




This product is typically used at:

  • Point of Sale (Retail and Restaurant)
  • Healthcare & Pharmacy services
  • State and Local Government
  • Health Club membership access
  • Time and Attendance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Finance and Banking account access
  • Civil ID/Voting

We offer customizable software development solution to suite the specific need of your company or client!

DigitalPersona is a leader in security and authentication software for the Small Business and Enterprise. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on our technology to protect identities, data and communications.

Benefits of this product:

  • Allows secure login to a computer or P.O.S. system
  • Secure management of data in a company
  • Secure authentication to login onto websites
    requiring a password
  • Only the person responsible for the
    data is allowed to view it
  • The server-based, centrally managed software Integrated with Active Directory that allows you to centrally manage strong authentication across your organization.
  • Provides a centrally managed solution that builds on the authentication platform provided
    by DigtalPersona:               
    • Strong Passwords - use strong passwords and centrally manage them without the IT burden typical of end-user managed environments
    • Multi-Factor Authentication – irrefutably link individuals to strong logons without the provisioning and management hassles of tokens or smart cards
    • Transaction Accountability - extend security by confirming identity in recurring transactions, such as trades or authorizations, for continuous compliance and fraud reduction.
    • Leverage digital signature for email and documents
    • Protect confidential documents with strong authentication
    • Streamline documentation approval workflows
      and share information more safely