signature pad

Electronic signature pads

Electronic signature pads are becoming one of the most popular means to securely sign documents. Signatures can now be placed securely on a digital document with forensic analytic prediction. The electronic signature software allows for the capture, binding, authentication, and verification of electronic signatures in digital documents.

With the world leading standards of versatility, security and authentication,Topaz Systems' technology will be the best choice for your business's eCommerce needs. The extensive range of products allows for suitable solutions in any industry.
All across the world businesses are saving time and money by replacing paper processes with electronic signature and document solutions.


Biometric signature pads is a leading innovation by Topaz Systems, allowing for capturing, binding, authentication and verification via signature or fingerprint recognition. This offers a unique opportunity to use one of two (or both) methods for identification and or verification. The Topaz signature pads use only the best in fingerprint technology via Digital Persona fingerprint readers.
This new technology allows for illiterate people to also be able to place their signature on documents using the biometric interface.

Available software includes verification, comparing of signatures and forensic analyzing tools. We pride ourselves in developing customizable software solutions to suit the needs of any company.